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Melvin Gordon hosts dodgeball event in Kenosha

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) — Kenosha native and NFL star Melvin Gordon is hosting a dodgeball event Friday night, however, some changes had to be made because of the excessive heat warning. 

The biggest change is taking hundreds of people and jamming them into the Indian trail gym. It’s a perfect solution that’s worked out extremely well for Melvin Gordon and Trae Waynes Dodgeball Night of Fun.

The former Bradford teammates co-hosted the event with legend Bo Jackson although Waynes had a conflict Friday. It’s a huge off-season for Gordon who might hold out of training camp next week as he’s hoping for a new contract. When he gets a new deal, the former Badgers running back is in line to make around $15 million a year, quite a jump from a high schooler struggling to get scholarship offers. He remembers growing up in Kenosha when all of his support came from right here, that’s why it’s so important to give back.

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